ZONAVERDE’s In-Company training in this area of ​​competence
aims to assist your business to do what has to be done in the best possible way.

A business structure encompasses the set of ways and means through which fits the legal terms
of their sector of activity, as well as its external environment.

The goal is to respond to conflicts that arise in terms of cost reduction, supporting the strategic and operational performance.
The response to the needs of organizations in the financial and organizational support areas call for the existence
of control and management tools.

Therefore, specific training approaches and transverse to its human capital, which supplement those systems and supporting technologies.




  • Financial Analysis;
  • Balanced ScoreCard;
  • Financial Accounting;
  • Strategy E-Business;
  • Strategy Internationalization;
  • Strategy Business;
  • Strategy SMEs;
  • Strategies E-Business;
  • Tools of Strategic Analysis;
  • Tools of Management;
  • Corporate Finance - Basic Level;
  • Corporate Finance - Advanced Level;
  • Ideas and Business Opportunities;
  • SGIDI Implementation According to NP 4457: 2007;
  • Internationalization;
  • Continuous Improvement Methodologies;
  • Business Models - CANVAS;
  • Understanding Taxation;
  • New Technologies Management Support;
  • PHC - Financial;
  • Planning and Strategy;

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