It was published Notice No. 22/SI/2017 to applications to financed training autonomous
projects tailored to companies - which runs until 31/12/2019, which aims to support training expenses.

Type of operation and mode of candidacy:
They are likely to support the company training projects, in the form of individual candidacy
individual, via autonomous training actions, aimed at goals for innovation and competitiveness through
the specific skills of entrepreneurs, managers and employees.

What you need to know?

  • 1. Type companies

  • 2. Requirements

  • 3. Applications total

  • 4. Financing

  • 5. Decision dates

Types of Companies

Under this notice for submission of applications are the beneficiaries companies
(SMEs and non SMEs). Are excluded companies from the following sectors:
fisheries, aquaculture and primary agricultural production.


  • The training plan must have a total cost of more than 75 thousand euros

  • The training actions must have a maximum duration of 24 months

    (extended up to a maximum of 12 months);
  • At training actions provided for in the project may not have a duration less than 8 hours

50% base rate, which may be added the following indicated increases, without exceeding the overall rate of 70%, the sunk.

  • Increase in 10 percentage points if the training is given to disabled or disadvantaged workers;

  • Increase 10 p.p. if the incentive is granted to medium companies and 20 percentage points if it is granted to micro and small companies.

Decision Dates

30 working days from the date of application

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